Visual Arts MACC

Our school is fortunate to be serviced by the Whorouly based Mobile Art Craft Centre (MACC) van. Our program focuses on creating and making artworks. Art teacher, Jo Briscombe, visits on a fortnightly rotation to work with both Carra’s and our students. Students participate in a 1.5 hr session.

Our children are engaged in stimulating activities where they can explore with guidance, a wide range of media, materials and equipment.  Throughout the year, all grade levels explore the artistic areas of drawing, painting, collage, printing, modelling, construction, threads and textiles.

Within these areas an emerging knowledge of skills, techniques and processes are formed. All children come to Art sessions with a wide range of abilities and these are fostered in a caring, positive, creative and interesting learning environment.


Why learn music?

Music Education is fundamental to the learning of every individual, as music is a language that integrates in all cultures and societies. Music has the capacity to engage, inspire and enrich all students, exciting the imagination and encouraging students to reach their creative and expressive potential.

As 21st century learners, music provides opportunities to think critically, collaborate, communicate and create through students’ own voices, percussion and pitched instruments, rhyming and rhythmic games, improvised movement and structured dance.  We aim to stimulate, develop and maintain an interest in and a love of music through the classroom and Instrumental Music Program.


  • supports literacy skills
  • develops student’s imaginations
  • give students skills in expressing themselves creatively
  • builds self confidence and self awareness
  • strengthens interpersonal skills
  • promotes enjoyment, engagement, skill development, understanding and a sense of musicianship.

School Concert

Each year we hold an exciting school concert that gives our students an opportunity to showcase  skills in performance, drama, instrumental playing, singing and dance. Our school often links with neighbouring schools such as Carraragarmungee Primary School for our annual concert.