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A boutique rural school just 15 min from Wangaratta, Myrtleford and Beechworth, that offers an outstanding learning experience. Our caring and supportive staff, along with our learning community, will ensure your child’s strengths are recognised and celebrated.


Term 4

Term 4 is such an exciting time of the year!

We have such an exciting term ahead for our students, including many excursions and events:

Carra PS

Camp at Beechworth

Wangaratta Sports Day

We understand just how challenging the last two years have been and we are working hard to ensure our students don’t miss out on ANYTHING!

Prep Transitions

Term 4 is the perfect time to join us for a few transition sessions!

Every Thursday from 9.30 to 11.30am on site we have playgroup sessions. These are designed to connect our community with our school environment. It also assists students school age students to have a thoughtful and effective transition into prep for 2023.

New enrolments and enquiries always welcome. Talk to us about a tailored transition program to suit you and your child.

Transitions will include familiarisation of school staff, students and surroundings and in-class time after playgroup sessions.

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About Us

At Everton Primary School we aim to enhance the development of all children socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. We believe that all children should be encouraged to develop their independence, self-esteem, co-operative work skills and their creativity. We hope to help your child/ren towards realising their full potential by having realistic, yet challenging expectations of each and every student in our care.

As a school, we are proud of the strong partnership that exists between home and the classroom; with parents and teachers working closely together to ensure a quality and all-rounded education for your child.

Our students are treated to lush grassed areas, tennis courts, a playground, vegetable gardens and much more. We invite you to visit our wonderful school environment, full of native plants and bird life.