Connecting with our community is a genuine focus of our school. We value our connections with our volunteers, young families, local businesses and all of our wider community members.


Please note that we can now run our Playgroup sessions again. Please ensure that you QR code in, socially distance and enjoy playing and catching up outside where possible.

Playtime in the sandpit. Our Playgroupers are enjoying some co-operative play with each other.

One of our grade 6 leaders, Yarran getting ready to read our Playgroupers a picture storybook.

Share stall

Our share stall is located at our front school gate and offers excess produce to our wider community. Seasonal items include oranges, mandarins, bay leaves, tomatoes, eggs and many other non perishable items.

Community Events



We value our volunteers that assist with the running of the school and contribute to our school community. This includes, School Council members, garden volunteers, maintenance volunteers, cooking assistants and the list goes on. Many people genuinely care for our school’s environment and buildings to ensure that our students are enjoying an exceptional experience at school.