Vision & Values


Everton Primary School, situated 22 kilometres from Wangaratta is a small rural school that offers an outstanding learning environment. Established in 1878, the school is very proud of its history and the sense of 'family' culture it boasts. The vision of 'Small School, big heart,' enables the school, families and community to work closely together to meet the needs of our students.

The shared expectations of the school and community are designed to promote eight key values of: Respect, Honesty, Care, Responsibility, Tolerance, Friendliness, Excellence and Optimism.

The school has two teachers including the teaching principal and .5 Education Support staff. The school also offers specialist programs of Science and Technology, Music and Italian. Our students have access to a mobile Visual Arts and Library program delivered fortnightly.

Our school also has excellent facilities with a brand new classroom and a terrific 1:1 computer to student ratio. Everton Primary School is a nurturing and inclusive school that caters for all children; providing individualised programs tailored towards meeting their learning goals and enhancing their achievements.



























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Code of Conduct

  • For Students

    Everton P.S. works on a basis of sharing and co-operation and children are encouraged to care for each other and use common sense in the playground.  Through the code of conduct, Everton P.S. aims to provide a framework for the management of student behaviour and the enhancement of positive relations in the school.

    Pupil of the Week awards are given to individuals who display leadership and citizenship as well as prove themselves to be hardworking and responsible students.

    Aggressive behaviour is not condoned.

    Program Achieve is run throughout the school to assist students in learning and using strategies of acceptable behaviour to meet their social needs and ensure workplace safety. 

    Students in Grades 2-6 are involved in a Kids Council meeting once a week to discuss matters of interest and resolve issues of concern. Parents are urged to communicate relevant problems & concern s to the school so that appropriate action can be taken to resolve issues.

    Principles of the student code of conduct:

    The code of conduct gives priority to enhancing self-discipline and respect for the rights of others. It seeks to promote an environment which maximises the opportunity of all students to strive for excellence.

    - All individuals are to be valued and treated with respect.

    - Students have a right to work in a secure environment where, without intimidation, bullying or harassment they are able to fully develop their talents, interests and ambitions.

    - Parents have a right to expect that their children will be educated in a secure environment in which care, courtesy and respect for the rights of others are encouraged.

    - Teachers have a  right to expect that they will be able to teach in an orderly and co-operative environment.

    - Parents have an obligation to support the school in its efforts to maintain a positive teaching and learning environment.

    - Principals and staff have an obligation to fairly; reasonably and consistently.

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